Guidelines for Export of Medical Cannabis from non-EU to Germany

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The following shall provide an overview of the regulatory steps necessary to ​import medical cannabis (MC) from non-EU countries to Germany​. Due to the dynamic nature of this evolving industry and its legal and regulatory bilateral complexity, please consider this only for general informational and non-binding purposes.

Overall, ​it is a resource -/ and time-intensive process​. It will require to comply to both the country of origin and German, and partly evolving, pharmaceutical regulatory regime. While the EU and German legal MC sector enjoys global attention to its immense growth and profit potential, many nations, especially in the emerging markets, are unlikely to fulfil the compliance hurdles (any time soon) due to their lack of GMP standards, poor track record of complying to safety, health and counterfeit hurdles.

So far, only two nations have been approved to supply shelf-ready